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The Repricing Tool for vendors

Margins and sales optimisation

Due to its growing reach, e-commerce offers a great opportunity. However, the increasing attractiveness is leading to competitive and margin pressure, also because new suppliers from other European countries and Asia are entering the market. The automated processes in PreisHoheit® reduce the manual effort involved in researching offers and pricing and optimise margins and sales:

Dynamic pricing

Margin optimisation for all platforms

Based on the current competitive offers, PreisHoheit® calculates the optimal sales price using the respective pricing strategy and the configured parameters. Finely differentiated sets of rules with individual algorithms can be configured according to platform, product group, or free composition of the product portfolio.

Safety features Specify a minimum price and generate selective sharing options and prevent incorrect pricing.

Always an eye on the competition The cumulated vendor overview shows you all competitors.

Competition analysis

Monitoring and selective competition analysis

PreisHoheit® provides you with a cumulative retailer overview that breaks down all competitors at a glance, allowing you to analyse the full range of competition by portfolio density, price aggressiveness, distribution of offers, and platform presence. Individual groupings of suppliers in retailer groups allow selective control of direct competition.


Product & offer analysis

Control and assessments of market prices

The analysis of current products is one of the key features of PreisHoheit®. Detailed parameters such as market prices of the products, availability, density of supply, homogeneity of the supply structure, and the deviation from the own sales, allow a precise analysis of the status quo, both nationally and internationally.

Always up-to-date Receive an automatic report when offers undercut defined threshold values.

See what motivates your customers Respond to customer questions or reviews.

Product reviews and Customer questions

The new currency in e-commerce

Product reviews are becoming more and more important and influence the buying behaviour of your customers. Observe and analyse your product reviews and customer questions and interact with your customers. In this way, you give potential customers a positive impression of your service behaviour, which can shift the focus to you as a provider.

All functions combined

Download PreisHoheit® Productinformation PDF (7,5 MB)

Additional features

PreisHoheit® plug-in

The optional PreisHoheit® plug-in allows you to identify competitive products on the Amazon platform and add them to your account for controlled monitoring. In addition, offers from PreisHoheit® for registered users can be integrated into the display of their own shop page.

Multi URL

The multi URL feature allows you to read several offer URLs for a product from one source. This becomes relevant if there is more than one listing for a product on a platform, or if offers of other products should be assigned to your product (e.g., OEM).


In the case of incorrectly or repeatedly maintained EANs on the marketplace, imprecise offers can make it difficult to analyse one's own portfolio. The matching feature enables manual correction of automatically identified quotation URLs.


The matrix function is divided into three different areas: source matrix, country matrix, and vendor matrix. Here you can see at a glance the current price level of the booked sources, the respective country, or individually created focus vendor groups.

Your benefits

+ Competitive pricing policy

PreisHoheit® provides you with product data about your assortment, which you can use to keep an eye on your competitors. The user-friendly dashboard shows you the information relevant to your competitive pricing strategy.

+ Strengthened negotiating position

The exact knowledge of one’s own market situation pays off. Improve your negotiating position with suppliers and optimise your purchasing conditions as a strong sales partner. PreisHoheit® provides the corresponding data as an independent third party.

+ Profitable margin optimisation

Maximize your margins without leaving an aftertaste with your customers. An intelligent price adjustment always positions you among the top providers, and you increase your traffic and boost your sales.

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