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Solutions just for you

Services as individual as the market

PreisHoheit® already offers you a comprehensive standard for the analysis of core interests in e-commerce. But no standard can meet all individual requirements. We would be happy to develop the perfect solution to meet your specifications:

Competition analysis

We record the complete assortment of online shops and provide you with information from your competitors: structured product information, product descriptions, prices, availability, and detailed information about the assortment and purchasing portfolio. You will be notified as soon as a new supplier is added or a change is made to the assortment.



PreisHoheit® on Demand

PreisHoheit® on Demand provides you with market data from defined sources on demand. They are recorded immediately upon your request and returned at runtime. The results in JSON format can then be processed directly in your target system.

PreisHoheit® on Demand provides different information for every need. Depending on the type of request, the API delivers reliably:
> Offers: providers, prices, shipping costs, and availability
> Products: Structured product data, images, labels, sales ranks, etc.
> Reviews: Product reviews and customer questions


Amazon Volume Analysis - Sales Rank

The “Amazon Volume Analyses” by PreisHoheit® are based on the available offers from Amazon and the information contained therein. The sales volume is determined approximately by means of the Amazon Sales Rank, according to a specially developed iterative procedure with interpolation for the respective product. The premise is only Buy Box offers are bought.



Checking internal shops

We check your own shop and see if all legal requirements are met: EnVKV (energy label), basic price regulation, or other labelling. We will inform you if something is missing or does not fit.

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