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Initial Situation

The uninterrupted growth in e-commerce is forcing a continuous shift of sales from stationary trade to the Internet in many product areas. In addition to strictly e-commerce providers, some of whom do not have their own warehouses, the number of retailers with multi-channel strategies is also growing. 

The increasing number of marketplaces in Germany is opening up an ever wider range of opportunities for retailers. In addition, the cross-border flow of goods in e-commerce, both within the European internal market and outside the EU member states, contributes to the strong dynamics of the consumer goods market.

PreisHoheit® Concept

Our mission is to create the greatest possible transparency for our customers in e-commerce.

Based on your individual product portfolio, we reliably retrieve all of the required data from the relevant sources. Choose from over 70 connected European marketplaces and a total of over 100 sources to keep track of the supply and competitive situation. With supplementary information such as product reviews, customer questions, and historical data, PreisHoheit® provides the data in a browser-based Saas solution for individual analysis. 

Depending on your needs, we are happy to create individual reports and notifications so that you have all the important information at your fingertips and can react immediately. For us it is particularly important that we are always available to answer your questions. Our Premium Support is always happy to help and is personally available for you. We are pleased to support you at any time with our accumulated experience to meet your individual needs.

Our History

Foundation: Vest Marketing GmbH
Market launch: Preishoheit.com
PreisHoheit® becomes a registered trademark
Realignment: Focus on the PreisHoheit® brand
Market launch Amazon Performance
To the present day
Continuous development of the PreisHoheit® brand
Our Credo

We design our services to be as individual as possible, so that we can always offer a flexible solution to your needs. Our approach is based on reliability, continuity and the best possible customer service.

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